You deserve to feel alive, and YOU have the power to make it happen!

We provide the encouragement, education, and empowerment men & women need to take control of their health and start THRIVING– not just surviving.

At Grit & Grace Healing, we believe that both men & women:

☀️ Have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their health & wellbeing

☀️ Are deserving of so much more than they've been getting out of life. More health, more happiness, more peace, and more love

☀️ Have been kept from the truth about what their minds, bodies, and spirits need to thrive on this planet

Most importantly, we believe in a world where men and women realize they have the POWER to heal themselves from the inside out.

Let's do a quick Q&A:

☑️ Do you find it difficult to develop long-term, healthy lifestyle habits?

☑️ Have you tried every fad diet out there yet struggled to see results? 

☑️ Are you a man struggling with low libido or getting & keeping it up? Or a woman struggling with low libido or getting & staying pregnant? 

☑️ Have you lost your zest for life and are just "getting by" without any goals or desires? 

☑️ Do you find the only things you look forward to is junk food, drugs & alcohol, sex or porn?

☑️ Do you lack the energy & mental clarity to live the kind of life you truly desire?

☑️ Do you often wish you had more personalized & holistic support when it comes to your health & wellness?

☑️ Do you feel like something just isn't quite right in your life but you're not sure where to start? 

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above, then keep reading... 👇🏼

We live in a world where we're taught to numb out, ignore our needs, and put ourselves last.

Despite what society says, this goes for both men AND women– we're just suffering in our own unique ways.

Quite simply, we haven't been encouraged, educated, or empowered with the truth about how our amazing bodies were designed to work or how to honor, respect, and support each other's unique biological needs.

And neither have most medical or nutrition professionals. That's a bold statement, but it's true.

Most physicians are aware that nutrition, stress reduction, weight management and exercise are important, but yet they learn only about one hour of nutrition during their four years of medical school, and they certainly aren't trained in the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of healing.

That’s why very few health care providers are able to offer their patients recommendations that go beyond “lose some weight,” or “take this medication.”

Our institutions are also infused with funding from corporate giants who make billions off of people being and staying unwell, unhappy, and uninformed.  

The result? 

We become conditioned to believe that people in positions of “authority” know us better than we know ourselves.

We find ourselves second-guessing how WE truly feel and outsourcing our decisions & beliefs to the government, people in white coats with letters next to their names, and even our families– all while being grown adults!

We lose touch with our inner guidance and settle for a life where physical, mental, and emotional pain becomes a normal part of life.

We accept the extra pounds, the binge-eating, the anxiety, the drug dependency, the impending disease, and unfulfilling relationships (and so much more!).

Until, hopefully... we reach a tipping point.

We know because we’ve been there.


Hey, there! We're Joey & Lisa, the couple behind Grit & Grace Healing. Here's a little backstory:

Image of Joe and Lisa before and during their healing journeys

"Wow, you two are like spring chickens now!"

"This is some Benjamin Button kinda shit!"

– Recent Feedback 🤣

The photo on the left was taken in 2018 during a time when living our healthiest lives was the last thing on our minds, and while we may have appeared "fine" or even "happy" to others, together, we carried a mix of everything from inflammation and extra pounds, to drug use, to unresolved emotional issues that manifested as physical symptoms.

We may not have been severely overweight, but we just plain didn't FEEL GOOD, and the constant fluctuations in our physical, mental, and emotional health were the nagging signs that both our individual selves and our marriage were surviving but never truly thriving.

Towards the end of 2020, we realized it was time to STOP making excuses and start making changes. Cut to the photo on the right, and you're looking at the results of plant-based eating (done right), fresh juices, cleansing our bodies of fungus and parasites, daily walks, and more.

Once we got the support we needed to improve our health, everything else in our lives began changing for the better. Now it's now our mission to help other men & women feel better, too!

Learn more about each of our healing journeys below!

From fast-food junkie to holistic health coach.

Read how Joey overcame everything from depression, to anxiety, to anger issues, and more, and the pivotal moment that led him to giving up meat & going plant-based once & for all.


From a lifetime of numbing to reclaiming her health.

Read how Lisa went from numbing out with food, to alcohol, to weed, and her futile attempts at reclaiming her health to finally making the commitment to heal her mind, body, and spirit once & for all.


Ready to harness your power and reclaim YOUR health?

Changing long-held behaviors, limiting beliefs and attitudes can be difficult. And sometimes when we're making health changes, we can feel super alone, unmotivated, and confused around how to pick out the FACTS from the junk science. 

That's why having a health & wellness coach who can guide, support, and keep you on your path is truly PRICELESS. It's a GIFT to yourself that can radically transform you from the inside-out with benefits you'll enjoy for the REST of your life!